Alright, so messing with people’s coffee is about as close to a federal offense as it gets. Believe me – as a certified java addict I am well aware of the importance of this sacred nectar!

For a long time, my personal preference was a venti iced white mocha, non-fat, no whip from Starbucks. Not only is it a mouthful to say, but it also has enough calories to make it a meal all by itself and enough sugar to make the rest of your day very difficult, nutritionally speaking.

So when I decided that I need to get healthy (and the weight I’d been putting on for several years), this was one of the first changes I had to make. So I cut this out almost cold turkey. I basically allowed myself to have this once per week – generally on Saturday mornings as I did my usual coffee + music + reading routine. All of the other days, I switched to black coffee (Donut Shop, brewed in my Keurig) with a dash of cinnamon (thanks to Tim Ferriss’ 4 Hour Body suggestion). It does take some getting used to when you’re going from a sugar-laden obscenity like I was. But after a few days I had gotten used to it and actually enjoyed it.


Oddly enough, once I had acclimated to the black coffee, my “usual” all of a sudden was far too sweet for my tastes. Starbucks has fairly recently introduced their cold brew, so I’ve switched to that and I get the vanilla sweet cream in it. It cuts the calories and sugar significantly over the white mocha and still has enough flavor without being overwhelmingly sweet.

So if you’re used to milk-and-sugar-heavy coffee drinks like I was, switching to black coffee is a good way to cut out a TON of calories and sugar while not giving up your caffeine obsession. It can easily help you to knock off a few extra pounds over the course of a couple of months, without much effort at all. (It will probably also save you a bunch of money too.)