This recipe was recommended to me by someone I know and now I have this pretty much every day for breakfast. It keeps me full all morning and makes me feel good, on top of being absolutely delicious.



* Note that I put a small amount of local bee pollen in my smoothie because I find that it helps tame my allergies in the spring and fall. Not everyone can tolerate bee pollen, so leave this out if it’s not your thing.


  • Add all ingredients to a blender – I use a Nutri Bullet in this order: blueberries, almond milk, seeds, almond butter
  • Blend thoroughly
  • I generally have to add a small amount of water and blend again to get a smooth consistency
  • Enjoy!

This takes about 5 minutes to make and 5 minutes to enjoy. Less time than you’ll spend in the drive-thru for something much less healthy!